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One of the most trusted names in communications, Kenwood is an industry leader in two way radios


Kenwood TK272G (VHF)/TK372G (UHF)                            One of the most popular radios among fire departments and rescue squads. The Kenwood TK Series Radios withstand even the most rugged conditions.                                            Call or Email for Pricing



Kenwood TK2180 (VHF) / TK3180 (UHF)                          One of Kenwood's newest models, the TK 2180/3180 series radios have 512 channels banked or can be trunked. Available with or with out keypad.                                                                          Call or Email for Pricing



Kenwood TK-863G (avail in VHF or UHF)                           The challenging commercial applications of today demand a high-quality radio that delivers reliable performance along with user-friendly operation. And the TK-863G stands ready to answer the call as Kenwood has packed a host of features into this rugged, compact unit like UHF trunking. A large lighted LCD display and the capacity to program up to 32 systems in either trunked or conventional modes are just some the advantages designed to handle your communications needs and make your work day productive.                           Call or Email for Pricing