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Midland Radio

Midland Radio Corporation is a world leader in wireless two-way and weather/hazard alert radios. We offer an extensive line in both commercial grade land mobile radios and the ever popular consumer grade radios.


Midland SP 400 Series                                           Upgraded version of our larger series, the SP-400 series has all the features of the SP-300 series, with the addition of a built in Flash CPU, VOX and scrambler to name a few.                Call or Email for Pricing



Midland ProLine Series (avail in UHF or VHF)                    

If you've been looking for the best value in a high powered, full featured VHF or UHF handheld 2-way radio, you would be wise to consider the Midland ProLine series.  There is simply nothing else like it anywhere near it's price!
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Midland Olympian Series                                                 The Olympian 50-Watt mobiles come with up to 128 channels. Easy to use, durable, and affordable, the Olympian series provides an excellent option for your mobile needs.          ·         50 Watts of power VHF, 45 UHF                         ·         2-Tone encode/decode                                      ·         8 Channels                                                      ·         Programmable options                                           ·         8 Character Alpha-Numeric Display                       ·         Programmable 12.5/25 KHz by channel                       Call or Email for Pricing